Infected does not mean Infectious

Equine Infectious Anemia

The Infection, Its Effect on Horses

The Regulations, Their Effect on Horse Owners 


He said to me……"These aren't toys or playthings, these are the partners that get up and go to work with me every day and all they ask is a few kind words, a gentle hand and to be protected when necessary.

These are my friends."


But there is one thing that their owners cannot legally protect them from…..

The trace-back Coggins test!


This site contains a brief summary from the multitude of Equine Infectious Anemia facts and figures we have gathered over the last forty years.  This information comes from hard copy and telephone communication with Dr. Lynn Kittleson, Dr. Leroy Coggins, Dr. Robert Tasjhan, Dr. Stewart McConnell, Dr. Charles Issel, Dr. Roger Lloyd, Debbie Beye-Barwick of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Ranch as well as a host of other Universities and research centers.  We have also discussed “outbreaks” with a number of those directly involved in so-called “outbreaks”.


It would appear that our governments are more concerned about horses than about people.

Aids, like EIA is caused by a lentivirus, the two viruses are extremely similiar in their actions and transmissability or contagiousness.

If any horse returns a positive Coggins test, trace-backs will be carried out immediately to identify all horses that may have come in contact with the positive testing horse.  All affected horse owners will be notified.

Subsequent testing of this group will determine any other positive horses, leading perhaps to further trace-backs and more testing etc.

Our Federal Dept. of Agriculture has decided that all positive testing horses must either be destroyed or be permanently quarantined.

BUT.....If there are people in your community whom you or your children might come in contact with on a daily basis and who are HIV positive,  every effort will be made to hide this fact from you in the name of protecting the privacy of those individuals, thereby increasing the risk to other people..........

What is more important to our government?

What is more important to you?

The protection of our HORSES or the protection of our CHILDREN?